Mueller’s report is going to be a total bust – Fmr White House lawyer

Former White House attorney John Dowd said he believes that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation report is “one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen. He also predicted that Mueller would not produce the inquisitive report that many lawmakers are expecting him to, according to National Review.

“I don’t think there’ll be a report,” Dowd told ABC News during an interview for the premiere episode of The Investigation podcast. “I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public, other than, ‘We’re done.’”

Mueller’s investigation has been called into question by not only the Trump administration but many on the right who believe that it’s a tactic of Democrats to discredit the current administration.

“There’s no basis. There’s no exposure. It’s been a terrible waste of time,” he said. “What’s worse is let’s get on the other side of this, how it all happened. This is one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen. And I’m just shocked that Bob Mueller didn’t call it that way and say, ‘I’m being used.’”

Dowd served as an attorney for the White House, beginning shortly after FBI director James Comey was fired.

The former White House attorney told ABC that he had been called on to cooperate extensively with the special counsel’s investigation and that he had stepped in to not allow Trump to be interviewed because he felt that the president was in danger of stumbling into a false statement if asked to give oral testimony.

“In my questioning him or talking to him, you know, first question, easy. Second question, easy. Third question, he wasn’t sure. And he doesn’t like being unsure. So he’ll guess,” Dowd said of his interactions with Trump. “There’s your trap, right there. It’s not whether he lies or not. . . . It’s not a matter of integrity. It’s overload.”