Nancy Pelosi throws cold water on impeachment – “not even close”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has once again changed her position and is indicating that Democrats are “not even close” to backing an impeachment push against President Donald Trump.

Pelosi was being questioned at an event in Washington D.C. as to whether she would support the impeachment proceedings if more than half of her 235 Democratic members supported it.

“It’s not even close in our caucus,” Pelosi told the moderator, CNN’s Manu Raju according to The Hill.

“Why are we speculating on hypotheticals?” she asked. “What we’re doing is winning in court. We won a victory getting the documents from the Justice Department today for fear of further going to court.”

“There is nothing as divisive in our country, in my view, than impeachment,” Pelosi said Tuesday.

Her comments came just days after MSNBC hosts Ari Melber and Chris Matthews both took a departure from their typical left-leaning coverage and broke with the Democratic House Speaker after she suggested that president Donald Trump be put “in prison,” according to Fox News.

According to the report, Pelosi told other senior Democrats that she would like to see the president in prison, and neither of the MSNBC hosts took too kindly to her words.

“Is this the Democrats’ version of ‘lock her up?’” Melber asked, adding “there was a judicial, legal, process,” which “did not result in an indictment, whether you like it or not,” the host went on, seeming to refer to the Mueller report.

“The next step would be, does Congress want to deal with it. If the speaker doesn’t want to go that route, she has every right to explain that,” Melber said. “But if she doesn’t want to go that route and then she is making prison-esque, jail-esque references does she risk… getting close to a ‘lock her up’ frame?”