Navy SEAL Mocked By SNL For War Injury Gets The Last Laugh On Election Night

O'Rourke and Davidson

The former Navy Seal mocked by SNL’s Pete Davidson prevailed in his House race and has become Texas’ youngest congressional representative. 

Republican Dan Crenshaw, 34, was declared winner with 53 per cent of the vote with 87 per cent of precincts reporting.

The former Seal beat Democrat Todd Litton, who received 45 per cent of the vote, and will replace outgoing Republican Rep. Ted Poe in U.S. House District 2.

Not long after his victory, Crenshaw tweeted: “Texans are hard working, love their country and believe in the American ideal; the greatest set of ideas for a free people that the world has ever known.

As a team that was the message we spread for the last year. Thank you for your dedication and trust. See you in Washington!”

And in his victory speech, Crenshaw talked about the team who helped him win, including a man named John Noonan who convinced him to run.

He joked about Noonan: “He’s very upset right now, he’s upset because the recent Saturday Night Live controversy has resulted in me having more Twitter followers than he does.”

This win came just days after Davidson joked on Saturday Night Live that viewers “may be surprised to hear that Crenshaw is a congressional candidate from Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie” while a photograph of him wearing an eye-patch flashed on the screen.

He then laughed, saying: “I’m sorry. I know he lost his eye in the war or whatever.”

Crenshaw intensified his criticism of the young comedian during an appearance on Fox and Friends on Monday morning and said NBC should apologize.

“Listen, I have thick skin. In the SEAL teams we poke fun at each other all the time, but I have certain rules for when my friends poke fun at me,” Crenshaw said.

“It has to be original, it has to be witty and it has to be actually funny, all right.

“And this wasn’t funny.

“I do think that today’s culture and today’s politics, we tend to throw rocks at each other back and forth, demanding apologies for every upset that is done to us.

“They certainly crossed the line but their apology won’t mean anything to me. I think what they should do is pull their money together and donate to some veterans charities that are out there that could really use their help,” he said.

Later, Crenshaw told CNN that Davidson and the show’s producers should give $1million.

‘Let’s throw a figure out there – a million dollars – and we will donate that to a series of veterans non-profits that helps veterans,” he said.

Credit: Daily Mail