Home News Protesters Did A Lot More Damage To Trump’s Inauguration Than You Realize

Protesters Did A Lot More Damage To Trump’s Inauguration Than You Realize

Protesters Did A Lot More Damage To Trump’s Inauguration Than You Realize

For those who think the inauguration went off without any problems, you are vastly wrong. Thousands of protesters rallied together and dangerously organized. Thankfully, the protests were all peaceful but did block several Trump supporters from getting in. Usuncut.com wrote about the protests saying:

“While some Trump supporters attempted to physically force their way through the throngs of protesters, many of the protesters who had confrontations with Trump supporters remained peaceful, telling them simply, ‘This checkpoint is closed.’”

Protesters claimed to be from groups such as the Trade Justice, LGBTQ, and Black Lives matter. They successfully managed to shut down several security checkpoints that allowed Trump supporters in. The locations that were shut down became either extremely slow access or even prevented all from entering.

There were 12 gates in total that allowed people onto capitol hill and several of those were shut down at various times. Alex Jones, a radio host and Trump supporter, was denied access when Black Lives Matter protesters held their ground and refused to break their line.

Another group, that was seemingly more defiant, was an anarchist group dressed in all black. They went out smashing windows of banks and limousines in a “Black Bloc” tactic. They were met with a full police force.

While the vandalism didn’t do much to stop people, the blockades did seem keep people away. The area designed for 1 million people was almost barren as of an hour prior to start. People began posting pictures on social media to show how odd it was.


Thankfully, everything stayed peaceful for the most part and protesters have dispersed. However, many are expected back tomorrow for the Women’s March on Washington. The march is expected to bring in over 200,000 people.

What are your thoughts on these protests? Do you think it’s wrong to protest on the day of the president’s inauguration? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Usuncut.com


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