Oops: MSNBC “Inadvertently” Reveals Midterm Results Before Votes Are Tallied

With midterm elections underway Tuesday, many voters are waiting nervously to see the results of hundreds of political races.

MSNBC viewers might have gotten a preview of what that network believes to be the results of the Florida gubernatorial race.

During Monday’s edition of “All In with Chris Hayes,” the day before the election, and a full 24 hours before polls across the nation start turning in their counts, the network showed a graphic that showed Democrat Andrew Gillum defeating former GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis by 49.4 percent to 48.8 percent with 99 percent of the precincts reporting.

It was quickly taken down, without acknowledgment at the time, by host Hayes, however, it was the topic of many questions by those who noticed it.

The show proceeded with what was a decided bias toward the work done by the Democratic candidates in close races, such as the Florida gubernatorial race, Texas’ Senate race, and other closely watched contests across the nation.

Hayes also interviewed Democratic firebrand Maxine Waters on the topic of what Democrats plan to do if they take back the House of Representatives, which many pollsters predict that they will.

Just after Waters was thanked for her input, Hayes gave a clarification for the earlier unexpected prediction.

“Just want to say, earlier this hour we showed a graphic of the Florida gubernatorial race. May have caught your eye because our system had inadvertently populated some test numbers,” he said.

“Obviously, we do not yet have any vote totals here, the night before the election. That was a misfire. Don’t worry. I was pretty confused when I saw it up there, to see it myself.”

Voters not yet convinced that Democratic candidate Gillum has won the race in Florida will be headed to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, to cast their vote.