Oregon Professor Suspended For The Most Outrageous Reason

The Daily Caller reported Thursday that law professor Nancy Shurtz, did an incredibly stupid thing. She dressed as a black scientist for a Halloween party. Even going so far as to use blackface. Of course this caused outrage among nearly everyone. The reaction to this was understandably negative.

Shurtz, in a letter to her students, stated that she simply wanted to honor a book she appreciated and also to bring attention to the lack of diversity in professional fields. No one seems to be accepting this apology.

What is also unsurprising is the reaction of the University to this. A letter demanding her resignation and the mandatory training on implicit bias for all new hires to the university. Workshops on how to avoid microagression are being offered as well. The letter reads:

If you care about our students, you will resign. If you care about our ability to educate future lawyers, you will resign. If you care about our alumni, you will resign.

I find what she did incredibly stupid and yes, offensive. But I’m a grownup and I can deal with being offended all on my own. But above this I think that as a professor of 34 years, she should have known the reaction she would get.

She should have known that the university would be after her career on a silver platter. She should have known that in the culture of the Left that so pervades nearly every institute of higher learning that she would become anathema to them.

Why then did she go through with this? First, she thought she was safe off-campus. Second, she thought that after 34 years she would have immunity to attack. Third, she got comfortable and forgot that the Left will attack and devour even its own if it feels threatened.