Over 50% of Americans support impeachment effort, claims Washington Post

According to a Washington Post poll reported on by the Daily Caller News Foundation, more than half of Americans polled believe that the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump should move forward.

“Fifty-eight percent of U.S. adults support House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, according to an October Washington Post-Schar School poll,” the DCNF reported.

The poll, which was conducted by The Wall Street Journal and ABC News took place between Oct. 1-6 and if an accurate representation of the nation, shows a big shift from the same organization’s poll which found that 59 percent of Americans were against the impeachment proceedings.

However, according to a National Republican Congressional Committee poll published Monday 37 percent of voters think Trump’s phone call with Ukraine is impeachable.

“Just 37% of voters believe that President Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine President was an impeachable offense,” the poll stated. “Fully 39% of voters describe the President’s call as ‘appropriate,’ and another 20% said it was ‘inappropriate, but not impeachable,’ with 37% saying the call was an ‘impeachable offense.'”

While the inquiry may be popular, the president seems to be gaining in other areas.

According to a recent Business Insider poll, President Donald Trump is gaining ground with the coveted Independent voters even in the face of a potential scandal.

“Among independents, Trump led Warren, 49% to 43%, and Sanders, 48% to 44%. Biden had a narrow 46%-45% edge, but that was a big comedown from his 55%-37% lead among independents in September,” the poll stated.

Interestingly, the same October IBD/TIPP Poll found that 57 percent of those interviewed supported an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, as regards their actions toward Ukraine and China.

“By comparison, Americans supported the House impeachment inquiry, 55%-44%. Half of Americans said Trump’s Ukraine actions are an impeachable offense, vs. 46% who say they are not. Still, Trump’s job approval rating rose 4 points to 43%, even as his biggest political scandal erupted,” the poll found.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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