Bassem Youssef

Comey Under Fire: Former FBI Supervisor States Major Warning Ignored

"Youssef warned then FBI director James Comey that.."
Spending bill

Republicans Whimp Out and Give Sanctuary Cities What

"The expectations for Republicans to maintain control."
Trump vs Fake

Watch: Flake Gets On High Horse to Tear Down Republicans and...

"It has not been in my plans to run for president, but I have not ruled it out."
Julianne Benzel

Watch: Cali Teacher Gets Suspended After Exposing Left Wing Double Standard

'School district spokesperson said that Benzel was put on paid leave because of...'

Watch: Left Wing Loathing of Christians Rears Its Head Again

'Did anyone else key on this comment from...'
Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Is Stepping Up to Fill the Void

'Ivanka Trump will meet with...'

Accquited Illegal Alien Files Charges Against the Trump Administration

'Filed a complaint in federal court saying...

Watch: Pelosi Fails At Trying to Spin Backlash

'This is part of the bankruptcy of the...'


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