Home News “Pathetic!” – Trump blasts Fox for “pandering,” giving a voice to “Radical Left Haters”

“Pathetic!” – Trump blasts Fox for “pandering,” giving a voice to “Radical Left Haters”

“Pathetic!” – Trump blasts Fox for “pandering,” giving a voice to “Radical Left Haters”

When it comes to the Fox News Channel, President Trump seems to be offering more criticism than support, at least of late.

While the president remains a regular guest on “Fox & Friends,” and can count hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin as among his most ardent supporters, Trump nonetheless is frustrated by the cable news giant’s choice of guests, and of course, some of their most recognizable reporters.

Taking to Twitter over the weekend to rebuke Fox News’ programming decisions, the president posted:

The latter part of Trump’s complaint refers to the fact that the Democratic National Committee has decided to not to allow for any of their party’s presidential primary debates to occur on Fox News.

Trump’s outburst was also prompted by an interview that had been conducted by Chris Wallace earlier in the day, in which he spoke to House Judiciary Committee member Democrat David Cicilline about the Democrats’ decision to draft articles of impeachment. As reported in The Hill, the Rhode Island Democrat told Wallace that the president had engaged in a “classic example of an impeachable offense.” Cicilline continued: “The focus is on the president’s misconduct, asking a foreign government to interfere in our elections. … I think all of the potential articles of impeachment are on the table. That will be a decision the Judiciary Committee makes, but the Judiciary Committee will have all the evidence.”

This isn’t the first time Chris Wallace’s Sunday show has gotten under President Trump’s skin. On November 17th, 2019, Chris Wallace found himself on the receiving end of a personal attack from the president, in which he referred to Wallace as “nasty & obnoxious,” further claiming he would never live up to the legacy left by his father, Mike Wallace. As Trump explained in a tweet, the rebuke was in response to Wallace’s interview with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

The interview took on a contentious tone when Wallace accused Scalise of “mischaracterizing” witnesses who appeared before the House Intelligence Committee as “Schiff’s witnesses,” arguing: “They were asked, William Taylor, for instance, the acting Ambassador to Ukraine, was asked whether or not these were impeachable offenses. He said ‘I’m there as a fact witness. I’m not there to pass judgment,’ but he made it clear what he thought about what the president was doing.”

Sources: The Hill, Fox News

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff


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