Paul Ryan denounces conservative media as “polarizing” while on PBS

Political commentator and radio host Rush Limbaugh had some harsh words for former House Speaker Paul Ryan after his recent comments about the Republican Party needing to be more inclusive.

Ryan was a guest on PBS NewsHour, according to Limbaugh, and was questioned by Judy Woodruff: “I want to ask you more about the Republican Party. When you were getting into politics, there was this really fierce debate going on in the Republican Party between being inclusive and not being inclusive.”

Ryan answered saying, “When you got into politics, the Republican Party was debating inclusiveness versus not being collusive. Has the not-inclusive side won?”

“…inclusive politics is not winning the day these days. What I fear is occurring here is we have what I call these “entertainment wings” of our parties …”

Rush noted that he had met Ryan when he was working on a project called Empower America, which was “a miniature think tank that had been set up by Bill Bennett and Jack Kemp,” according to the radio host.

Limbaugh went on: “Now, do we need to spend time parsing this, breaking this down?”

“Now, we all know who he’s talking about here when he says ‘the entertainment wing.’ He’s including conservative talk radio along with MSNBC on the left, and he’s claiming that all that does is polarize people and does not promote inclusiveness.

“What’s inclusiveness? Inclusiveness, in Paul Ryan’s world, means working with Democrats, means crossing the aisle, shaking hands, proving we can cooperate, work for the common good, and that people like me and the entertainment wings are preventing this from happening because we are doing nothing but polarizing people.

“Now, this is the view that is espoused by people who do not believe that the left, with their madcap push for socialism, is a threat to anything. Paul Ryan doesn’t think the Democrat Party represents any kind of a crisis. He doesn’t think that this call for socialism, when he listens to Crazy Bernie or listens to Elizabeth Warren or any of these Democrats, he doesn’t hear anything that alarms him.

“But when he listens to programs like this, he probably is alarmed. But this whole idea of inclusiveness is another one of these terms here that is meant by itself to actually mean exclusive. If you’re gonna be inclusive, you have to have things in common. And that’s the thing that troubles me most.”