Pelosi’s defense of Ilhan Omar just came back to bite her

Pelosi and Omar

Jewish activists made a stand, or rather came for a sit-in, at the office of Speaker the House Nancy Pelosi on Thursday. They came to show their angst against the Democratic response to the anti-Semitism on Capitol Hill.

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was accused recently of making anti-Semitic comments while criticizing Israel. While speaking from the floor, she questioned whether some members of Congress have a “dual loyalty” to the United States and to the nation of Israel. 

The House decided that they would vote on a resolution last week that would condemn anti-Semitism in response to Omar’s comments. But after much deliberation, the text of the resolution was broadened to include bigotry against “African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, the LGBTQ community, immigrants and others.” The resolution did not specifically call out Omar. 

National Conference on Jewish Affairs (NCJA) spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero led the sit-in in Pelosi’s office.

“Omar should be censured,” Spero said, according to CBN News. The Rabbi added that she should be “removed from the powerful and influential House Foreign Affairs Committee that Speaker Pelosi surprisingly granted to this first-year legislator.”

“Omar’s thinking, her conduct, and her blithe willingness to inject anti-Semitic tropes into the legislative process make her unfit to hold such a strategic position,” he continued.

The rabbi was not alone. He echoed the message some Republicans gave in response to Omar’s comments about Israel. Republican Reps. Lee Zeldin of New York, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Steve Scalice of Louisiana and Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania all challenged that she be stripped of her seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel, who is Jewish, said he was against her removal during an interview last week.

What do you think about this response from Jewish activists? Should Pelosi remove Omar from her seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

Credit: Daily Caller