Plan B: Democrats’ Strategy To Derail Trump Even If They Lose Midterm Elections

As Democrats in many states and levels of government see that they might not make as much headway at the ballot boxes s they had originally hoped, many Democratic politicians are focusing their efforts on other ways that they can hold back the Trump administration.

Fox News’ Fred Lucas pointed out that “Democrats don’t have to win control of either chamber of Congress to jam the Trump administration’s agenda and flood the zone with investigations.”

According to Lucas, the state of Florida has one of the most high-profile contests for both governor and Senate, but not many have paid attention to the Democratic nominee for AG Sean Shaw.

Shaw has promised to join the AG’s in Maryland and DC in suing President Donald Trump over “emoluments,” under the pretense that the Trump organization business with foreign entities violates the Constitution and represents a financial conflict.

“The hundreds of millions of dollars in Russian shell company money that has reportedly been pumped into Trump properties over the past 20 years raises troubling questions about how the president is conducting his business … and what he’s getting in return,” Shaw said recently.

In Colorado, Democrat Phil Weiser, a law professor and former Justice Department lawyer, is running for Attorney General, and said he decided to do so the night that Trump was elected President.

“Ever since, I’ve been writing down all the ways I can protect Colorado from Donald Trump.” Weiser said in a TV ad.

Michigan Democrat Dana Nessel also running for AG told her supporters that if she wins she would like to sue Trump “all day, every day.”

She later clarified, “There’s an eagerness to use the Michigan attorney general to fight back.”

Sean Rankin, executive director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association said he believes that Democratic AGs would have more latitude to expand their litigation against the Trump administration even if Democrats gain control of the House

“As we have seen over many years, Congress has not only become gridlocked but has abdicated its responsibility to be a check on the executive branch, and currently, President Trump and his administration do not appear to be slowing down as they steamroll the rule of law,” Rankin told Fox News.

“AGs on both sides of the aisle have seen the spotlight on their roles increase as Congress has fallen short and the work of AGs will continue, if not expand, after Election Day next week.”

Scott Will, the executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association said that conservative voters have consistently been interested in preventing this type of behavior, that many would call “activists candidates” from setting up shop in law enforcement.

“Activist candidates seeking a rule-of-law job can be extremely dangerous,” Will told Fox News.

“Just see the current crop of Democratic AGs, they are tripping over each other to get themselves on top of a lawsuit against Trump. These Democratic candidates will do the same, to get headlines and to raise money. This is a job more about calling balls and strikes and defending the state law.”