President Trump considers expanding America’s territory with controversial purchase

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering a monumental purchase in the form of the island of Greenland for the purpose of its resources and potential geopolitical advantage, The DailyMail reported.

Greenland is currently under the control of Denmark, but regardless the president is said to have spoken with his advisors about the issue on more than one occasions with what the DailyMail characterized as “varying degrees of seriousness.”

“It’s unclear how exactly the U.S. would go about buying the largest island in the world after failed American attempts to purchase Greenland in 1867 and 1946,” the DailyMail reported.

“Greenland’s government has insisted that it is not for sale, though the government of Denmark, which oversees the territory, has yet to comment.”

The president is slated to visit the nation of Denmark last month, and some question if he would be likely to broach the subject with Denmark’s leaders.

During on exchange with his advisers about the subject of acquiring Greenland, someone close to the conversation told reporters that the idea was sparked with the president when he discovered that Denmark was having financial problems due to the subsidies that it pays to Green

According to the DailyMail’s reporting, Greenland receives almost $600 million in subsidies from Denmark each year which makes up around 60 percent of its national budget.

The DailyMail went on to detail some of the reasons that the tract of land could be advantageous for the United States to control:

“The U.S. already has an airbase in Greenland, which is part of a state-of-the-art ballistic missile early warning system and satellite tracking system,” the DailyMail reported. “It has also, in the past sought to derail China’s efforts to make its mark on the independent territory.”

“In 2018, the Pentagon, alarmed at the news China was looking to finance the building of three airports on the ice-covered land, managed to block the move.

“The US, along with its allies offered alternative funding options to Greenland in an effort to dissuade it from an expensive deal with China.”

“The 811,000-square-mile island of icy terrain in the Atlantic inhabits about 56,000 people, and though it is technically in North American waters, the self-governing land is culturally European.

“Its foreign and security policy is handled by Copenhagen.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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