President Trump slams Jeff Sessions as “a total disaster” compared to Bill Barr

President Donald Trump still has an ongoing problem with former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who he called out on Thursday, saying Sessions tenure as AG the nation’s former top cop a “total disaster,” The Hill reported.

Trump seems to be pinning the blame on Sessions for not protecting him from the Russia investigation, which Sessions recused himself from. The president also pointed to his won efforts for fending off the “deep state” and called upper levels of the FBI “scum.”

“You look at what’s happening over at the Justice Department, now we have a great attorney general. Whereas before that, with Jeff Sessions, it was a disaster. Just a total disaster. He was an embarrassment to the great state of Alabama,” Trump told former adviser Sebastian Gorka in an interview published in the Daily Caller.

“And I put him there because he endorsed me, and he wanted it so badly. And I wish he’d never endorsed me.”

Sessions, who gave the reigns of the Russia investigation over to former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed former special counsel Robert Mueller, who then conducted an almost two-year probe into Trump, which he repeatedly characterized as a “witch hunt.”

“The Russian Witch Hunt Hoax continues, all because Jeff Sessions didn’t tell me he was going to recuse himself…I would have quickly picked someone else. So much time and money wasted, so many lives ruined…and Sessions knew better than most that there was No Collusion!” Trump tweeted in June 2018 The Hill reported.

Sessions, however, continues to speak out in support of President Donald Trump who is facing an impeachment inquiry, saying that despite being relieved of his position in the Trump administration, he still supports the president’s policies.

Sessions’ comments were made at a Republication fundraiser in Huntsville, Alabama on Tuesday where he praised the president’s “relentlessly and actually honoring the promises he made to the American people,” according to

“That’s why I still do support him,” Sessions added.

According to the publican, the Alabama Republican seemed to have no interest in talking about impeachment but spent his time talking about the positive aspects of the Republican officeholders from his home state, including two congressmen and Alabama’s lieutenant governor, attorney general and secretary of state.

Sessions, who formerly served as a Senator for the state of Alabama, was one of the first members of Congress to support Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign.

After encouraging leadership “to get their back up,” Sessions also said Republicans should stand firm against Democratic ideals.

“The average voter does not like the Democratic agenda,” he said. “But we haven’t shown them sufficiently how much we need them and that we can care for them and are willing to listen to them about the things they care about. And special interests don’t get to run this country.”

Sessions said during his remarks he was “proud” of the president’s policy agenda and attributed “much of [Trump’s] frustration” to his “inability to move the bureaucracy to achieve what he ought to have achieved fast enough,” The New York Post reported.

“As Kanye West says, he has dragon energy,” Sessions added, according to a video of his speech posted by the Montgomery Advertiser. “I think that’s a good description of him, really.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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