Home National News Republican’s Unveil Their Healthcare But, These 4 Say ‘Not So Fast’

Republican’s Unveil Their Healthcare But, These 4 Say ‘Not So Fast’

Republican’s Unveil Their Healthcare But, These 4 Say ‘Not So Fast’

The time has come for the Senate Republicans to reveal their draft for the new ObamaCare overhaul. This version will boast cuts in Medicaid, remove penalties for people not buying the insurance, and will hopefully reshape the subsidies to low-income buyers.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell revealed the bill on Thursday, and there is hope that the bill can get voted on as soon as next week. The proposal was also made public in hopes that it would mitigate criticism of their slow response to the House version overhaul.

While addressing the Senate, Mitch McConnell said, “More Americans are going to get hurt if we do nothing.”

According to Fox News, the 142-page overhaul will do several things including what Fox reported below:

“The 142-page draft of the bill, which also prohibits states from opting out of key protections for patients with pre-existing conditions, eliminates much of former President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation.”

“The measure would repeal tax increases Obama’s law imposed on higher-income people and medical industry companies to pay for expanded coverage. And it would end the tax penalty Obama’s statute imposes on people who don’t buy insurance — in effect, ending the so-called individual mandate.”

However, the new overhaul will probably be met with opposition from the House Republicans. The House Republicans just barely passed an overhaul of their own earlier in May, but several Senators rejected the House version because too much of it would indicate a fresh start. Sen. Lamar Alexander stated the following about the House bill:

“To the extent that the House solves problems, we might borrow ideas. We can go to conference with the House, or they can pass our bill.”

The two bills do have several similarities that Fox Reports on:

“Like the House bill, the Senate measure would block federal payments to Planned Parenthood. Many Republicans have long fought that organization because it provides abortions.”

“The Senate would also provide $50 billion over the next four years that states could use in an effort to shore up insurance markets around the country.”

“For the next two years, it would also provide money that insurers use to help lower out-of-pocket costs for millions of lower income people. Trump has been threatening to discontinue those payments, and some insurance companies have cited uncertainty over those funds as reasons why they are abandoning some markets and boosting premiums.”

The proposal has complete opposition from Senate Democrats. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said the following about the recent proposal:

“The bill Republicans announced today is even worse than expected and by far the most harmful piece of legislation I have seen in my lifetime. This bill has nothing to do with health care. It has everything to do with an enormous transfer of wealth from working people to the richest Americans.”

Knowing zero Democrats will come on board means the Republicans can only lose two votes from Republicans. But Vice President Pence, who worked with the Senate on the proposal, boasts the new legislation:

“I want to assure you, before summer’s out, President Trump is going to keep his promise to the American people, and we’re going to repeal and replace ObamaCare.”

As of 3:00 PM EST CNN reports that four Senators have stated that at the moment they can not vote for the bill. The four Senators are Senator Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and Mike Lee.

“As currently drafted, this bill draft does not do nearly enough to lower premiums,” Cruz said in a separate statement obtained by CNN’s Dana Bash. “That should be the central issue for Republicans — repealing Obamacare and making healthcare more affordable. Because of this, I cannot support it as currently drafted, and I do not believe it has the votes to pass the Senate.”

This story will continue to develop…

Credit: Fox News


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