Romney’s “plan” to replace Obamacare has little support, even less details


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said on Wednesday that he has a new plan to replace ObamaCare.

“It’s a replacement for ObamaCare,” Romney reporters. “We’re ready with that, but we’ll see what kind of support we get.”

Romney has an authority in the Senate as the former GOP presidential nominee. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has made clear that he does not want to backtrack into the divisive ObamaCare debate.

In April, McConnell stopped a push by President Trump to work on a new ObamaCare repeal and replacement plan. A spokesman for McConnell would not comment when asked about Romney’s effort on Wednesday.

Sen. Romney did not provide any details of what his replacement plan looks like. His office also declined to elaborate.

If Senate GOP leaders were interested in Romney’s plan, it has no chance of becoming law this year or next, because of Democratic control of the House.

When he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed into law a plan that is widely seen as a precursor to ObamaCare. As a presidential candidate in 2012, Romney fiercely opposed the federal health law.

The existence of Romney’s plan was first reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday.

Democrats have been attacking Republicans over their efforts to undermine ObamaCare, including a GOP-backed lawsuit currently making its way through the courts that seeks to overturn the whole health law.

Democrats used GOP ObamaCare attacks as a key issue in their electoral victories last year. Many Republicans have been seeking to move past those attacks this year and instead focus on bipartisan health care efforts like reducing the cost of prescription drugs.

Asked when he will release his plan, Romney said he is seeking to gain support from his colleagues first.

“It depends on the support, or lack thereof,” he said.

Credit: The Hill