Rosie O’Donnell Blasts MSNBC On Its Own Air, Says Network Is To Blame For Trump’s Election

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell is pointing the finger at the mainstream media for helping Donald Trump become a viable presidential candidate.

O’Donnell, who has had a decade old feud with the now President Trump, is vehemently against his presidency and believes that he should be impeached.

In a recent interview on MSNBC O’Donnell blamed shows like “Morning Joe” for hosting Donald Trump during the time that he and O’Donnell first had differences of opinion.

“He was allowed to with help from the mainstream media and MSNBC, all you have to do is look at the tapes from ‘Morning Joe,'” O’Donnell said. “They had him on once a week, and they all ganged up.”

“Willie Geist was very anti-Rosie O’Donnell,” she said. “So was Joe Scarborough, so was every reporter on Fox. It went on and on and on and on.”

“Nobody would stand up to him,” she added.

O’Donnell took the opportunity to continue her push for impeachment, saying that the President has “no soul” and that members of Congress should themselves be removed from office if they don’t attempt to remove the President.

“He’s a horrible, horrible human with no soul. He has a very serious mental disorder,” she said, referring to the so-called “duty to warn” movement of psychologists claiming Trump is mentally ill. “This guy is by no means mentally stable enough to run this country, and he should be impeached, and every congressman who hasn’t filed those articles should lose their job.”

O’Donnell was recently a part of an anti-Trump protest on Capitol Hill with the participants chanting things like “Lock him up!” and “Putin’s puppet!”

The Protest, which just finishing it’s 22 consecutive night, was the platform for O’Donnell’s recent outcry against the President.

“We hope to give you a nice little show and remind you that your voice is important,” said O’Donnell. “Whether it’s here in Washington, D.C., or in the town where you live, let your voice be heard.”

“Let the president know in no uncertain terms that we are alive, awake and we are woke.”

H/T: The Hill, The Washington Free Beacon