Rudy Giuliani isn’t buying Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide: “Hard for me to believe…”

Former New York City Mayor and current attorney for President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday that he finds it hard to believe that alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein could have committed suicide under his circumstances.

Giuliani said that he didn’t believe the guards had any excuse for not monitoring the high profile inmate:

“It’s a jail rather than a prison,” the former mayor said of the facility where Epstein was being held.

“There’s absolutely no excuse for this. What happened here, to me, is mind-boggling. It’s impossible to happen. It’s a relatively small facility.

“Almost everything is within view if you want it to be, of the guards… The guy was a high-risk prisoner, wasn’t he? He’s a guy that there are probably 50 very important people that have a motive to kill him… We know there are some people that are in a lot of trouble because of Epstein. They know who they are. There’s tremendous motive to kill him.”

According to Giuliani, Epstein should have been being monitored around the clock, because of the number of people who would wish to kill him, thanks to accusations about his being a child molester.

“Prisoners don’t like him. He’s alleged to be maybe the most notorious child predator of our generation. Prisoners are strange. Perverts, they don’t like. So they’ll kill a pervert just to kill a pervert,” Giuliani said.

“I don’t understand how anyone can explain not having him under 24-hour surveillance or not checking the camera constantly… The camera wasn’t working. There’s a camera in every part of a prison. Every single telephone call in and out of prison is listened to. Prisons are prisons. Now the federal prison system, I used to be in charge of it in the Reagan administration and then I worked with it for 15 years… The federal prison system is the best in the world… It’s hard for me to believe this could possibly happen.”

Additionally, according to the former mayor, even if he weren’t under threat from the other inmates, his fame should have called for guards to be constantly close at hand.

“His room should have been guarded because there was every possibility some prisoner that got loose would get in there and stab him, kill him, choke him, make it look like he hung… He was the guy they most wanted to kill in that prison. Of all the prisoners there, he’s the guy one of those prisoners would love to kill, just to have that on his creds. And probably nobody would turn him in if he did it. So he would feel a certain sense of protection,” Giuliani said.

“You’ve got to understand a prison… The people running that understand it. It would be very hard for me to understand the explanation as to why this man wasn’t watched 24 hours a day.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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