Home Politics Rush dismisses “stumbling and fumbling” Yovanovitch testimony: “She has no facts”

Rush dismisses “stumbling and fumbling” Yovanovitch testimony: “She has no facts”

Rush dismisses “stumbling and fumbling” Yovanovitch testimony: “She has no facts”

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh said Friday that he believed former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony in the impeachment inquiry only served to show how little hard evidence that the Democrats have on President Donald Trump.

Limbaugh cited multiple television news networks who were pointing to Yovanovitch’s testimony and the president’s comments as damning evidence in the inquiry.

Limbaugh imitated the networks saying, “Oh, man, after Trump’s tweet today, I don’t know where the Republicans are going to go. Trump has really, really put them in a box. The Republicans aren’t going to have any way of going at Yovanovitch. Oh my God! Oh my God!”

The host went on to say that, “They were never going to go at Yovanovitch. That’s not what they are going to do. They are going after the sham hearing. What Devin Nunes just did is classic.

“Devin Nunes just got her to admit that she had nothing to do with the July 25th phone call,” Limbaugh pointed out. “She’s never talked to Donald Trump in 2019. She was not involved in a meeting in Warsaw with Trump and somebody from Ukraine. He elicited from her that she is not a ‘fact witness’ to anything here. She was not part of discussions surrounding the phone call. She was not part of discussions surrounding the delay of aid.

Limbaugh then cited when the Republican counsel was questioning the former ambassador and sorted out that she was not on the now-infamous phone call in July, since she was dismissed from her position in May, prior to the call.

“For those of you in Rio Linda, that’s two months later,” Limbaugh quipped.

“Well, how did you know about it?” Limbaugh quoted the attorney as having asked Yovanovitch. The witness reportedly answered,” Oh, George Kent told me.”

“What did George Kent tell you?” the attorney again asked, at which point Limbaugh characterized Yovanovitch’s mannerisms, saying that “She was stumbling and fumbling.”

“What did George Kent tell you about the phone call?” the attorney pressed.

“As I understood it, the president was asking the new president… Oh, I don’t know. It was something about, um, um….”

Limbaugh picked up his commentary again saying “Look, these people have told a bunch of lies to get here. Now, under oath, they can’t repeat them. Schiff lied about the characterization of Trump on this phone call saying, ‘He told the president of Ukraine to ‘dig up dirt, make up dirt. You keep doing it! You don’t call me back.’ He told him seven times,’ and Schiff totally lied about the phone call.

“All the other people have told themselves a similar lie, that Trump was so outrageous and so inappropriate on this phone call. But now, she wasn’t even on the phone call. She was let go two months before the phone call. She only knows about the phone call because one of the bow-tied witnesses from Wednesday told her about it.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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