Rush Limbaugh Highlights Most Important Lesson From Bush 41’s Death – “It’s Unbelievable…”

As the nation prepares for the final farewell to former President George H. W. Bush on Wednesday, political commentator and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh considered the possible reason why the media was so unkind to Bush during his life and so flattering toward him after his death.

“I’m watching all of this praise for George H. W. Bush,” Limbaugh said. “It’s unbelievable!”

“I can’t help but wonder, where was all this when he was president? All of this love, all this admiration, all of this praise, all of this devotion. What a great guy. What he meant to civility.

Where was all this? ‘Cause I’m telling you, it wasn’t there.”

Limbaugh, who has been in the business of covering current events for upward of 30 years recalled that, “they never covered this man this way when he was alive.”

“They never covered this man this way when he was president of the United States. And we know what they did to his son.

“They literally tried to destroy the presidency of George W. Bush just like they’re trying to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

“They even came up with a false rumor. They said that George H. W. Bush had an affair with one of his secretaries. Do you remember this? It was totally untrue. It was during the campaign. It was a massive smear and it was right there in the Drive-By Media.

“If this man was this great on reflection, then why wasn’t he covered this way? The reason he’s being covered this way now is because he’s gone. That’s what you have to do to get respected and to be revered by the Drive-By Media, leave, however you do it. Once you’re no longer a factor, that’s when we’ll praise the hilt out of you.”

While Limbaugh did admit that it was nice to hear people saying something nice, he also pointed out the two-faced nature of many in the media.

“On one hand — and I would be remiss not to admit this — on one hand, it’s nice to see. But, on the other hand, it’s so phony.”

Limbaugh also wondered what people might say about President Donald Trump after he passes, despite all the negative attention he receives now.

“Isn’t it interesting how no Republican president knows how to do anything until they die, and then they become wonderful? So Trump doesn’t have the dignity, the empathy, he doesn’t care enough about people to really convince anybody he does.”