Rush Limbaugh predicts Democratic Party may soon implode

Radio host and longtime political commentator Rush Limbaugh didn’t mince words on Tuesday’s edition of his radio program when he told his listeners that “people have been going crazy,” about essentially everything.

Limbaugh began by citing a tweet by Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio who was shocked to learn about some of the absurd lengths that people are going to in order to get in the public eye.

“People licking ice cream at grocery stores and then putting it back in the freezer,” Limbaugh said. “Have we gone crazy? What’s going on?”

Rubio added to the tweet: “In just the last 7 days we have decided that the Betsy Ross flag is offensive, to kick police officers out of Starbucks, boycott Nike (again) Starbucks (again) & now HomeDepot. And to lick Ice Cream at grocery stores & put back in freezer. Has everyone gone crazy?”

“Yeah. People have been going crazy for a generation now …If you don’t see it, then you don’t see any reason to stop it,” Limbaugh said. “If you don’t see it, you don’t become alarmed. …it’s a good thing that people are starting to see it now, but they’re still not making the connection that it’s here now.

“We’re past the point of no return on this. We’re past the point of thinking that it’s peaked, that it’s gonna start rolling back.

“It hasn’t peaked yet. Meaning this perversion, wackiness, lunacy on the left. They’re gonna nominate somebody who is. They’re gonna nominate somebody that believes all of this stuff, the odds are. And if they end up nominating Bite Me, that party is gonna fall apart. It may be in the process of falling apart anyway. But the left isn’t gonna fall apart.

“The left is totally crazy. They have been totally crazy for a long time. And too many people have looked at it as just a fringe minority that doesn’t pose any kind of new existential threat, and that’s just not accurate. They have been threatening and posing a threat for years. And there hasn’t been any pushback until Trump came along.”