Rush Limbaugh: Watch out for Michelle Obama’s 2020 plans

According to political pundit and radio host Rush Limbaugh, the United States might not have yet seen it’s fiercest presidential candidate. Limbaugh predicts that another former first lady might decide to run for the presidency, and that it might not go down in the traditional manner:

” …don’t be surprised if she gets in the Democrat presidential primary race after the primaries. Don’t be surprised. I think the Obamas are looking at this as, ‘The primaries? That’s beneath us. We’re not gonna enter the primaries.’ They’ll let these people fight it out, spend all their money, and then when it looks like none of them has a chance of beating Trump, here comes Michelle (My Belle) Obama at the latter moments of the campaign to jump into the fray and save the day for the Democrat Party,” Limbaugh said during Friday’s edition of his show.

“Do not be surprised if this happens. Headline, New York Daily News: “’Michelle Obama Is ‘Most Admired’ Woman in the World, New Poll Says — According to a recent poll, which surveyed 42,000 people in 41 countries, the former First Lady topped the list as the ‘Most Admired Woman in the World.”

“She even beat out her BFF, The Oprah. Now, what does this mean? Does it actually mean that Michelle Obama is the most admired woman in the world? Well, maybe. But it means to me that we are greatly lacking in female heroes, and that only leftist women are promoted in ways that would make people admire them. But, I mean, if this is the case, there must be a small pool of people out there to choose from.”

While she’s not yet asking for their votes specifically, former first lady Michelle Obama is rallying teachers behind her initiative to get younger voters involved in the politics and voting in general.

Obama made a video, in cooperation with her group, “When We All Vote,” in hopes of encouraging teachers to advocate for their students registering to vote.

“No matter what career, your students they’re certain to be our next generation of citizens who will shape the course of our communities and our country…” Obama said during her promotional video.

“Last year I launched When We All Vote, a nonpartisan get-out-the-vote effort to help make sure everyone makes their voice heard loud and clear,” Obama said.

“In November, our country saw historic voter turnout, and that’s progress we should celebrate,” she continued, before calling that number still “far too low.”

“Only 1 in 3 of our youngest voters cast a ballot. That means two-thirds of these young people aren’t showing up,” Obama said. “It’s up to us to flip that script, to show young people how crucial their voices are.”

“So I’m asking you to join me in helping make sure every eligible student is eligible and ready to vote when the time comes.

Obama ended her comments encouraging teachers to instill their students with the importance of voting: “I hope you’ll join us because this is bigger than one party or one election, it’s about empowering the next generation to make their mark on our future.”