Rush: Media only cares about Jeffrey Epstein so they can nail Trump

According to longtime political commentator Rush Limbaugh, the only reason that Democrats are up-in-arms about pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is because of his former connection to President Donald Trump.

“The Drive-By Media, they don’t care about Jeffrey Epstein,” Limbaugh said during Thursday’s show. “I’m gonna tell you right now, the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media don’t care about the abuse of young girls. They don’t care about pedophiles.”

The longtime radio host went on to talk about the plethora of Democratic donors who are implicated in the same type of activity.

“Some of the gigantic, big donors on the Democrat side who are genuine pedophiles of dubious, questionable character, and the Democrats sweep it all under the rug for the sake of money. And that’s the only reason they care about Jeffrey Epstein. They don’t care about what Epstein did.

“They care about it now for the express purpose of maybe they can get Trump because that’s all they’ve got, get Trump, get Trump, get Trump. Everything is about get(ing) Trump. The Drive-By Media thinks that’s how they can keep the Democrat Party unified.”

Limbaugh then pointed out that while the connections between Epstein and former President Bill Clinton and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, but pointed an icy finger at Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta who was in charge of Epstein’s penalty deal.

“The fact of the matter is that rich Democrats simply are not held accountable. Rich Democrats get away with it, rich Democrats get away with it in a court of public opinion, they get away with it in the court of law more often than not. I mean, look at Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein,” Limbaugh went on.

“How many years have we known what Weinstein did, and they still can’t make a move on the guy? He’s lost his legal team now. His legal team abandoned him because it’s impossible to work with him, they say. While he’s without legal representation, you can’t move on him. So it may be strategic that he keeps firing his lawyers or his lawyers keep quitting.

“In the meantime, all they care about with Epstein is getting Trump. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I’ll show you what I mean. We’ll start with number two. We’ve put together a montage today. Remember, now, Jeffrey Epstein’s been doing what he’s been doing with underage girls for decades. In 2006, it was made public.”