Sanctuary city proposal gets shut down by border state voters

Sanctuary sign and voters

Tucson voters have sent a message to the rest of the country. They overwhelmingly decided against a proposition that would have made it the state’s first sanctuary city.

Approximately 71% of voters said no to Proposition 205, which would have put new restrictions on when police can inquire about immigration status or cooperate with federal law enforcement.

All 135 precincts were counted Tuesday evening, and about 82,000 citizens voted on the proposition.

The measure was divisive among many people in the city. The progressives in Tucson were eager to send President Donald Trump a message but others worried that the move would only draw his contempt and would not improve conditions for migrants.

The controversial proposition aimed to dismiss a 2010 Arizona immigration law known as SB1070, which drew mass protests and a boycott of the state.

Tucson’s mayor and city council members are all Democrats, they were opposed to the proposition because they were concerned about unintended consequences and the potential for losing millions of dollars in state and federal funding.

The city leaders said Tucson police have already adopted rules that go as far as legally possible to restrict officers from enforcing federal immigration laws.

They also noted that trying to enact tougher limits would go beyond SB1070 and other state laws, endangering the state funds that make up a significant portion of Tucson’s city budget.

Some Republican state lawmakers said they would pursue legislation to punish Tucson.

Legislation in the past was approved by the GOP Legislature to tie the hands of liberal cities, including Tucson, allows the state to cut off funding for cities that pass laws conflicting with Arizona laws.

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Written by Rich Stevenson

Credit: KTAR News