Sean Hannity: The worst is yet to come for James Comey

Hannity and Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey is nowhere near to being out of the woods with the Justice Department. The Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is apparently “just getting started” in his investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation. 

Sean Hannity, prime time Fox News Host, said on Wednesday that James Comey is a long way from being clear.

Michael Horowitz was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday and he told lawmakers his investigators will “assess” new Republican allegations of “inconsistencies” in Comey’s congressional testimony, the Fox News host reported on his show “Hannity.”

“Today Horowitz doubled down on this damning accusation [and] explained that the office of the inspector general was concerned that Comey’s actions will set a troubling precedent,” Hannity said. “And as I have said before, this is just the beginning for Jim Comey, Super Patriot.”

Hannity also made a point of challenging current FBI Director Christopher Wray to clean up his department.

“Now Director Wray seems to be hesitant, he really does, in wanting to fix what is the greatest … the premier law enforcement agency in the entire world,” Hannity said.  “I hope director Wray changes course and commits himself to implementing the changes so that 99.9 percent of law-abiding FBI agents that keep us safe every day, that we can have confidence in all of them.”

“The changes here he needs to look at,” Hannity said, regarding Wray, “are so we prevent the massive abuse of power so it’ll never happen again.”

Do you agree or disagree with Sean Hannity’s assessment of the situation regarding Former FBI Director James Comey? Do you support the continuing probe into the origins of the Russia investigation? Hoe do you think this is all going to end for Comey? We look forward to seeing your comments on this story in the section just below this article. 

Credit: Fox News