Home News “Shame on you!” – Jerry Nadler confronted by pro-Trump activists after hearing

“Shame on you!” – Jerry Nadler confronted by pro-Trump activists after hearing

“Shame on you!” – Jerry Nadler confronted by pro-Trump activists after hearing

Given the opportunity to confront House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler face-to-face, these pro-Trump protesters made sure to let the Democrat leader know exactly how they feel.

As seen in video footage captured by the Daily Mail, several fierce Trump supporters began surrounding Congressman Nadler as he boarded an elevator during a recess of the day’s impeachment hearing.

Ben Bergquam, a MAGA hat-wearing Trump loyalist yelled at Nadler: “‘Shame on you Chairman Nadler, shame on you, you have broken your oath.” He then taunted the New York Democrat by predicting that impeachment would ultimately work to President Trump’s political advantage: “… the American people see through it. It’s going to work in President Trump’s favor. Keep it up, keep it up.”

The following footage was recorded by Bergquam and uploaded to his Twitter account:

The shouts from Bergquam and several others received no response from Nadler, who proceed to board the elevator and leave the scene.

This outburst against Nadler comes as House Democrats wind down their hearings and an official vote on articles of impeachment is expected to occur in the near future. While it looks as though impeachment proceedings will successfully advance to a senate trial, Democrats could face political fallout if Trump holds on to power.

With the articles of impeachment vote likely only days away, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists neither she, nor other party leaders, are pressuring the rank and file to vote in favor of the impeachment effort. As reported in the The Hill, when questioned about this matter, the San Francisco Democrat responded: “I have no message to them. We are not whipping this legislation, nor would we ever with something like this. They’ll make their own decisions. I don’t say anything to them.”

Could the Democrats impeachment effort actually serve to benefit President Trump, as Ben Bergquam suggested to Jerry Nadler? We shall find out soon enough.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Hill

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff


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