Speculation builds that Eric Holder could soon shake up 2020 Democratic primary

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder may soon add his name to the Democratic primary race, according to a report by Breitbart News.

According to the publication, Holder may be “considering running for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020 after previously ruling out a run, a move that comes as former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has filed presidential primary paperwork in Alabama signaling he may be a late entrant to the race.”

The news of Holder’s potential run comes on the heels of speculation that former first lady and failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could throw her hat in the ring once again.

“Holder did very publicly flirt with running in 2020 before, even making the rounds to travel to some early presidential states for key speeches, but he ultimately announced earlier this year he would not run,” Breitbart reported. “In March 2019, he came out and said he would not be running in 2020 and that he planned to instead focus his efforts on redistricting efforts.”

The already crowded Democratic field is considered to be somewhat weak, however, and heavy hitters like Holder could be just what the DNC ordered.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson reported late Thursday about Holder discussing the possibility of a 2020 run with his advisers and political consultants:

However, Holder isn’t the only late-comer to make headlines this week. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg filed paperwork in Alabama just ahead of the Friday deadline to make running a possibility for him.

“He has not yet, according to multiple reports, made a decision on whether he will run for president or not, but filing paperwork in Alabama ensures he would have a shot at ballot access there should he mount a national campaign for the Democrat nomination,” Breitbart reported.

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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