Supreme Court Gives Mueller’s Investigation The Go-Ahead

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court sided with Special Council Robert Mueller and his Russia investigation in their effort to serve a subpoena to a foreign company.

The company, whose name has thus far been kept out of court documents, is reportedly owned by a foreign government, The Daily Mail reported.

The Supreme Court’s decision came after Chief Justice John Roberts stepped in and temporarily blocked the subpoena in December, which forced Mueller’s team to explain why our government is investigating a foreign-backed corporate entity, whose government is attempting to avoid cooperating.

“In its arguments before the D.C. Circuit Court, the company unsuccessfully argued that complying with the subpoena would be a violation of its home country’s laws,” the Daily Mail reported.

“In order to keep its identity a secret, an entire floor of a Washington courthouse was closed to reporters, and the public was ordered to leave the courtroom when arguments were heard in December.

“The Federal Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit had ruled that the company was required to obey the subpoena. Roberts referred the case to the full Supreme Court, which dropped his intervention on Tuesday.

“CNN speculated that the company could be anything from a sovereign-owned bank to a state-backed technology or information corporation – the kind that Mueller has targeted with requests for information in the past.”

Prosecutors filed their brief just before New Year’s Eve and explained their reason for the subpoena. However, this case has some unusual aspects, do to the lengths that they have gone to in order to fight Mueller’s demands.

It has been reported that the subpoena challenge began as early as September of last year, which has only led to speculation that they have something to hide.

While Roberts’ intervention put a pause on it, D.C. appeals court ruled that the company could face fines for each day that it does not comply with the subpoena.