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Texas GOP TROLLS Hillary In The BEST Way Possible! … ‘While The Image Is Funny…


With the reopening of the FBI’s investigation into Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, a Texas Republican Party official has taken matters into his own hand as he strives to get his message out to voters.

In San Jacinto County, Texas, Republican Party chairman Dwayne Wright has created quite a stir. Breitbart credits Wright with a “successful revolution” in his county.”

While serving as GOP chair, Wright played a leading role in transitioning the once predominately Democratic leaning county into a Republican stronghold. Breitbart says that Wright “has led the charge to not only remove Democrats from office via the polls in the historically blue county, but to also hold elected Republicans accountable for following party principles.”

Now, Wright has erected a mock jail cell just outside of the buffer zone at a polling site. Inside the PVC pipe jail cell is a life sized image of Hillary Clinton with an inmate ID number on her jacket. Just outside the cell is a life sized image of Donald Trump giving his famous thumbs up.

Bob Price/Breitbart Texas
Bob Price/Breitbart Texas


Bob Price/Breitbart Texas
Bob Price/Breitbart Texas

The reaction to his satirical endeavor has been mixed. Some citizens, Democrats and Republicans alike, see the humor in it. Many are even getting their pictures taken with the display. But others, predominately Democrats, are crying foul accusing Wright of trying to influence the vote.

“As the country’s GOP chair, isn’t it my job to try and influence voters?” Wright told Breitbart. “This is really about free speech. You aren’t’ exercising your first amendment rights if you only make non-controversial statements.”

News of the satirical image is apparently attracting a lot of attention outside of San Jacinto County as well. At least one man told Wright that he came from Flagstaff, Arizona to visit the jail.

“The response has been incredible. After the word got out on Twitter and Facebook, we have people driving in to see what we are doing,” said Wright. He has even received photos of other Republicans erecting similar displays in their own communities. “While the image is funny,” Wright said, “the reality that people could elect a person who might really be heading to jail is very scary.”


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