“They hate Trump far more than they love America” – Tucker loses it on Democratic ruling class

Tucker and Nancy

Popular Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, opened his Monday night prime time show with his thoughts about the death of the world’s top ISIS leader. He began by saying that it should have united our country, but instead has been used as “fodder” for those who “profit” by dividing it.

Carlson highlighted the intensity of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s evil crimes. He was responsible for countless murders and rapes, burning people alive and chopping off victims heads. 

However, many in the nation’s capital are complaining about Trump’s effort to kill this criminal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained that she had not been given advanced warning of the action. Former White House official James Clapper said that the killing of the ISIS leader would make ISIS stronger. On CNN, one reporter even compared Trump to ISIS.

Max Boot countered the president’s account of how the ISIS leader died and actually insinuated that he was not a coward for blowing himself and three of his children up rather than being captured. 

MSNBC reported that Trump could not possibly have heard “whimpering and crying” on the overhead imagery because there was no audio, and Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pointedly refused to confirm those details. 

Carlson ended his monologue focusing on The Washington Post’s account of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The newspaper’s first story started with these words: “When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took the reins of the Islamic State of Iraq in 2010, few had heard of the organization or its new leader, then an austere religious scholar with wire-frame glasses and no known aptitude for fighting and killing.”

Carlson compared that story to this fictional headline: “Goal oriented German leader with distinctive mustache found dead in bunker.”

The Fox News host summed up his comments by explaining what is going on: “Ultimately your watching the flailing leadership class that despises the country it governs.” Carlson said that the Democrats “hate Trump far more than they love America.”

Credit: Fox News