‘This motherf**ker’s going to win again’ – Stormy Daniels sees the writing on the wall

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels told an audience at The Wing in Washington that she is concerned that President Donald Trump will win again in 2020, according to The Hill.

“I will be voting,” the adult-film star told the almost exclusively female audience Tuesday.

“Some days I’m like, ‘There’s no way — this is gonna be amazing,’” Daniels told moderator Jane Mulkerrins, during the Q&A session.

“Other days I’m like, ‘This motherf—er’s going to win again,’” she said of Trump.

Daniels rose to notoriety after a high profile lawsuit against the president, during which she alleged that she had an affair with him while he was married to his current wife, and that she wished to be released from a nondisclosure that she signed.

A judge threw out her lawsuit this month and ruled that the case was not relevant because she had broken the agreement.

Along with her own notoriety, her attorney, Michael Avenatti, became a household name, thanks to the high profile case.

Avenatti has since distanced himself from Daniels, following a plethora of ups and downs in the public eye for both of the avidly anti-Trump characters.

Daniels was asked by Mulkerrins how she felt about Avenatti “claiming he dumped you,” in a public statement about his disillusionment of their working relationship.

Daniels replied, “Yeah, how adorable is that? Michael knew that I was very dissatisfied with a few things.”

Avenatti said in his statement he is “not at liberty to disclose why” he ended his working relationship with Daniels, but “it was not a decision we arrived at quickly.”

“We notified Stormy in writing on February 19 that we had made the decision to terminate our representation of her and we explained why. She then proceeded to hire Mr. Brewster, who has yet to commit to take on all of her many legal matters despite our requests for weeks that he do so if he truly is going to be representing her,” Avenatti said.

“I have a new attorney, the details will be coming out very soon,” Daniels said of her lawyer, Clark Brewster according to The Hill.

“My new attorney said today, ‘Things are about to get real interesting,’” Daniels said, suggesting that she’ll be taking more legal action in the future.

“Sit down, ladies. It’s about to get real f—ing good,” Daniels teased.