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Todd Long — Campaign Recap and History

Todd Long, a lawyer by training, ran for Congress three times as a Republican candidate. He ran within the Florida district elections for the U.S. House of representatives in 2008, 2010, and 2012. He was unsuccessful on all three occasions.

Before he began campaigning, Long discussed solutions to the national debt, illegal immigration crisis, and U.S. dependence on foreign oil on his radio talk show titled “A Different Direction.”

A Todd Long Campaign Overview

In his campaigns, Todd Long promised to “provide specific solutions and leadership to deal with our country’s greatest challenges.”

National debt and controlling spending

Long ran on a conservative fiscal policy platform. He outlined multiple ways to overcome national debt and irresponsible spending.

For example, he recommended a constitutional balanced budget amendment and presidential line-item veto as well as criminal penalties for those who defraud taxpayers.

Eliminating earmarks and ethics reform

Long wanted to eliminate earmarks and reform ethics related to federal fund distribution.

He proposed removing the ability of legislators to earmark funds to specific recipients outside of the merit-based process.

Responsible tax policy

Long came out against allowing the continued raising of the federal debt without bipartisan agreement.

His policies have been mostly in favor of reducing taxes to encourage business growth.

Energy independence

Long supported the development of alternative fuel sources to secure U.S. energy independence.

He proposed that sugarcane and citrus waste grown in Florida should be used to produce ethanol fuel for domestic consumption.

Foreign policy

Regarding foreign policy, Long applauded a zero-tolerance policy towards Iran and supported the actions of Israel in the Middle East.

He held Iran responsible for Islamic terrorism and believed that America should place a renewed focus on the war on terror.

Regarding Iraq, Todd Long supported the parceling up of the country into ethically governed regions.

Faith, family, and limited government

Long ran for election with a pro-life policy and a desire to encourage a Christian family-based ethos within American society.

Among his policies was the belief that “Roe vs.Wade” was potentially unconstitutional.


Todd Long came out in favor of strong borders during his campaigns. He ran in opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens and stated that the creation of a “simple, verifiable” guest worker program would be a positive step in American immigration policy.

Long highlighted his commitment to legal immigration. He supported the attainment of “the American dream” for those who come to America as legal citizens.


During his election campaigns, Long believed that health care should shift in focus from acute care to wellness campaigns.

His proposed policies included improving childhood physical fitness standards and allowing access to tax-free health-care savings accounts. Additionally, he wanted to create measures that would increase competition within the health insurance and provision marketplace.

Todd Long also argued that physical fitness should be a requirement for attaining federal grant schemes.

Social security

Long’s campaign described the provision of social security for the next generation as a difficult measure.

He encouraged market-driven and individual owned social security accounts as an alternative to standard social security for individuals.

What Is Todd Long Doing Now?

Long has taken a step back from politics. He hasn’t campaigned since 2012 and is likely working at his law firm.


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