Trump Administration Preparing For Impeachment Vote

According to sources in the White House, they believe an impeachment push is inevitable, and are preparing accordingly. However, the Senate would need to gather 67 votes in order to remove the President from office, and he doesn’t believe that they will be successful.

“If we lose the House, it’s a given that they’ll try to get a vote to impeach,” said an outside Trump adviser. A Trump insider added, “it is being discussed” but those close to the President don’t seem concerned that they’ll be successful. “No one serious that I know is worried about the Senate convicting,” said a New York Trump adviser.

Republican advisor Ron Bonjean said, “There’s no question that Democrats upset with President Trump will begin aggressive oversight hearings as well as start the push for impeachment.”

But, he added, “Even if a vote cleared a Democrat majority-led House, it would be very difficult to gain Senate approval because it would then take 67 votes to achieve removing the president. That means Senate Democrats would have to be unanimous as well as bringing with them more than a handful of Republicans.”

Even Democrats who have been pushing for President Trump to be unseated since before he was sworn into office, are doubtful that the push will be successful. A top Senate democratic advisor told The Washington Examiner, “He’s not going to be impeached unless special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s team shows proven wrongdoing. There’s no appetite for it. Beyond that, Nancy Pelosi already said no to impeachment and support for her is tenuous. If she wants to remain leader, she’ll need to keep that commitment,” the adviser said.


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According to some, this should be taken as a wakeup call to the Trump Administration to be more interested in what’s happening at the polls in 2018.

“It is a fear in GOP circles, but more than anything it should be a fear first and foremost in the White House. The prospect of Nancy Pelosi as speaker and Chuck Schumer as majority leader should be all the motivation the president needs to get much more engaged in the midterms than he’s been so far,” said a longtime adviser to several GOP leaders.

Trump supporter and Newsmax chief Christopher Ruddy believes that the Dems can’t win with this impeachment push. According to Ruddy, “If the Democrats actually did this, it would prove a political disaster for them.”

H/T: Daily Mail, Washington Examiner