Home News Trump Commission Proposes Shocking Rule To Be Able To Vote

Trump Commission Proposes Shocking Rule To Be Able To Vote

Trump Commission Proposes Shocking Rule To Be Able To Vote

Donald Trump’s controversial voting proposal will be addressed on Tuesday when the commission holds its second meeting of the year in New Hampshire.

Trump’s proposal states that a background check will be required before anyone can register to vote, similar to the process of buying a gun.

John Lott, the president of the Pennsylvania-based Crime Prevention Research Center, will present the topic to the commission.

In the PowerPoint, Lott says that Republicans worry that ineligible people are voting and that Democrats say “that Republicans are just imagining things.”

He goes to on to propose that the federal background check system for gun purchases should be applied to voting requirements.

It checks if a person is a non-citizen and if they have a felony conviction among other pieces of information to determine their eligibility to own a gun.

Lott went on to say that the same check could be made to determine a person’s eligibility to own a gun because “there are similar rules for whether you can own a gun and whether you can vote.”

Vice Chair of the commission, Kris Kobach, did not say if he supports the idea. He has, however, been an advocate for looser gun regulations.

In Lott’s book, “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies,” he claims that Democrats praise using background checks for guns, and does not understand why they are opposed to using the system for voting when it is already working well.

He wrote, “They say it does not impinge on people’s right to self-defense… It shouldn’t be any harm in their eyes to check whether people are eligible to vote. It just seems like if they believe what they’re saying it seems like a win-win.”

The commission faced controversy earlier this year when Lott required extensive data from every state in the union for personal information on voters, including partial Social Security numbers.

What are your thoughts on Lott and his proposal? Do you think that it will be accepted? Why or why not?


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