Trump trolls after rolling back Obama’s lightbulb policy: “I look better under an incandescent…”

Obama and Trump

One of President Trump’s continual efforts is to roll back policies that were initiated by former President Barack Obama. It has been a major source of criticism from many of Trump’s vocal opponents. Trump added fuel to their fire on Monday at a rally filled with his supporters. 

The president quipped Monday evening that his administration’s rollback of energy efficiency standards for lightbulbs was due to the fact that he looked better under less efficient bulbs.

“I’m not a vain person. … But I look better under an incandescent light than these crazy lights that are beaming down,” Trump said to a rowdy crowd in Fayetteville, N.C., on Monday.

The White House administration finished the process of the reversal of an Obama-era efficiency standard last week. President Trump rolled back the rules for about half of the lightbulbs presently available. Those who are critical of the move say that this effort will hasten climate change by requiring the U.S. to produce more energy to power the less efficient bulbs.

One of Trump’s most vehement critics, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), pledged to restore them at the federal level as president last week at a climate change town hall hosted by CNN. Sen. Sanders home state is one of several that have passed state laws to keep the Obama-era standards in place.

“If you can get electricity from a lightbulb that utilizes one-tenth of the power that an old incandescent lightbulb uses, of course you’re going to do that. Of course, you’re going to encourage that technology,” Sanders said.

What do you think about this roll back of efficiency standards promoted by the White House? What do you think about the way President Trump quipped about it at the North Carolina rally? Do you think that we will hear from President Obama on this issue? We look forward to seeing your comments. 

Credit: The Hill