Trump’s AG Pick Has A “Very, Very High” Opinion Of Robert Mueller

As Congress prepares for the confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s Attorney General pick, questions as to how he will treat the Russia investigation were put to rest after several interviews between Attorney General nominee William Barr and top lawmakers.

The earlier questions pertained to whether Barr would allow Special Council Robert Mueller to finish his inquiry into the 2016 presidential election and possible Russian interference.

The Daily Mail reported that South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has complete confidence in Barr, who ran the Justice Department under President George H.W. Bush.

According to Graham, Barr has a “high opinion” of Mueller, after the Graham and Barr spent the better part of Wednesday meeting other senators on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

“He had absolutely no indication he was going to tell Bob Mueller what to do or how to do it,” Graham said.

Graham said that the AG nominee told him that he had a longstanding friendship with Mueller.

“Barr and Mueller worked together when Barr was Bush’s attorney general between 1991 and 1993 and Mueller oversaw the department’s criminal division, the Daily Mail reported. “Graham said the two men were ‘best friends’ and have known each other for 20 years.

“Their wives attend Bible study together, Graham explained, and Mueller attended the weddings of two of Barr’s daughters.”

Questions circulated about Barr’s loyalty after it was reported that Barr sent an unsolicited memo to the Justice Department last year in which he criticized Mueller’s investigation.

Graham reported that he “asked Mr. Barr directly, ‘Do you think Mr. Mueller is on a witch hunt?’ He said no. ‘Do you think he would be fair to the president and the country as a whole?’ He said yes.

“’And do you see any reason for Mr. Mueller’s investigation to be stopped?’ He said no. ‘Do you see any reason for a termination based on cause?’ He said no. ‘Are you committed to making sure Mr. Mueller can finish his job?’ Yes.’”

“So his opinion of Mr. Mueller is very, very high in terms of ethics and character and professionalism,” Graham said.