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Trumps Inauguration Three Things You Need To Know That Will Make Headlines

Trumps Inauguration Three Things You Need To Know That Will Make Headlines

After a long Presidential Campaign season that started almost a year ago it has finally come to an end. On Friday Donald Trump will take the oath office and become America’s next President. With four days to go before the inauguration here are three things to watch this week that will make headlines.

First, the Obama Administration only has four days left and after his long-winded farewell lecture last week it obvious, He is upset the American People elected Donald Trump. Over the next four days look for Obama to pass several executive actions in an attempt to “handcuff” the incoming Administration. Last week President Obama had already started when he changed a long-standing policy toward Cuban immigrants as reported here at the Red Blue Divide.

Second, with the realization that Mr. Trump will be sworn in on Friday, the Democrat freak out will continue to make headlines. This has already begun this when Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election. Hollywood has also begun to lash out. Actors that are known leftist have made many statements that they are going to boycott movie making until Trump has been removed as President.

Thirdly, keep an eye on President-Elect Trump’s Twitter feed, it never disappoints. Last week after a press conference, Mr. Trump took to Twitter exploding at the media for reporting “fake” news. Next, over the weekend Trump slammed Rep. John Lewis comments on his legitimacy on the election. Some in the media complained of Mr. Trump’s Twitter use last week as immature, and even President Obama commented that it hurts international relations. However, Mr. Trump with the use of his Twitter feed distracted the media putting him in the limelight. This gave cover to his cabinet appointees, while they were being grilled by Congress everyone was paying attention to Trump. As a result, his Twitter distraction help guarantee that his appointees will be appointed to their positions and kept the testimony out of the news. This week if Mr. Trump goes on a Twitter rant check the other headlines and look a little deeper because something else is probably going on.

With four days to go some people are elated that Mr. Trump is going to be our next President while others may want to crawl into a hole for the next four years. These are just three things to look for over the course of this week and guarantee they will make big news.


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