Trump’s latest tactic has Jerry Nadler seething with rage

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler spoke to fellow lawmakers on Wednesday, accusing the Trump administration of blocking more than 20 congressional investigations, The New York Post reported.

“By this administration’s command, the White House has attempted to impede over 20 congressional investigations, including by ignoring or failing to provide meaningful responses to dozens of letters requesting information on topics ranging from the Affordable Care Act, to the security of our elections, to the policy of separating children from their parents at the border,” Nadler said at the opening of a committee hearing Wednesday on executive privilege.

The chairman also noted the impressive number of government witnesses who have been subpoenaed but have not come to interviews and hearings.

“While in other administrations Congress issued subpoenas only as a last resort, when negotiations failed, the Trump administration has often been unwilling to engage with Congress at all, unless and until a subpoena is issued and a contempt proceeding is looming,” Nadler said.

“This constitutional brinkmanship is particularly unacceptable whereas here the president is using the powers of his office to impede an investigation into his own alleged misconduct,” the New York Democrat said.

However, Nadler’s top priority is still to obtain an un-redacted copy of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report on his 22-month investigation into possible Russian Collusion, according to the Post.

Nadler also announced that he had invited White House counsel Pat Cipollone to explain the administration’s legal standing, but that Cipollone declined the invitation and submitted a written statement.

In the letter, which was not read in full, Cipollone said Nadler was duplicating the work of special counsel Robert Mueller on the Russia probe.

“The only purpose for this duplication seems to be harassing and seeking to embarrass political opponents after an exhaustive two-year investigation by the Department of Justice did not reach the conclusion that some members of the committee apparently would have preferred,” Cipollone said.