Home Politics Trump’s new approval rating flips media narrative on its head

Trump’s new approval rating flips media narrative on its head

Trump’s new approval rating flips media narrative on its head

According to a poll recently reported in The Hill, President Donald Trump’s approval rating has increased following his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

An initial report published by CBS found that more than 75 percent of those who viewed the speech approved of it across the entire political spectrum, with Republicans responding more positively. However about one their of Democrats surveyed also approved of the president’s message.

The new poll, put out by The Hill-HarrisX survey, showed that the president received an increase of support to the tune of 15-20 percent.

“The Hill-HarrisX survey showed Trump getting a jump in Democratic support after the address. In the poll before his address, 15 percent of Democratic voters said they approved of the president. Twenty percent said they approved of him in the poll after the address,” The Hill reported.

“I think he gets a little bit of a bump because it was a non-Republican speech,” Henry Olsen, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and a Washington Post political data analyst, said Friday on Hill.TV’s show, “What America’s Thinking.”

“It was conciliatory, at least that’s how people who aren’t inexorably opposed to him would have seen it,” he continued. “I also think that presidents tend to see an approval rating after a shutdown is concluded, they tend to see a bump back to their previous levels. And I think you’re beginning to register that.”

Among Republicans, Trump’s approval went up 4 percent from 81 percent to 85 percent over the past few weeks, however, the president’s approval rating with independent voters remained virtually the same in the two polls conducted at the beginning and after the State of the Union, according to The Hill.

While this trend of increased approval is a typical one for presidents who’ve just directly addressed the nation as a whole, it does not typically have a long-term effect on their approval, according to The Hill’s analysis.


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