Home Politics Trump’s plan to stop future caravans once and for all

Trump’s plan to stop future caravans once and for all

Trump’s plan to stop future caravans once and for all

President Donald Trump and Republicans are working to ensure that migrant caravans from Central America are not allowed to enter the United States in mass with a new bill which will be heard by the Senate this week.

The president is currently locked in conflict with congressional Democrats to receive funding for a border wall that would help stave off illegal immigration. The president requested more than $5 billion for the border wall, which was denied by the House, effectively killing the government spending.

With the government shutdown dragging on, the president has to not only combat the dissenting Democrats but the thousands of migrants who are amassing at the southern border. Thanks to focused media attention, many on the left have painted the president as uncaring, due to his attempt to keep migrants of all ages from breaking immigration laws.

Now, however, The Daily Caller reported that legislation the administration will be putting before the United States Senate would require Central American children to apply for asylum in their home country, where they would remain while their case was adjudicated.

“A senior administration official pointed to a provision of the legislation that would allow for the removal and deportation of individuals from Central American migrants in a timely manner,” the Daily Caller reported.

“The provision would end catch-and-release policy and would work to discourage would-be migrants from making the dangerous trek to the U.S. over nearly 1,000 miles of desert.

Vice President Mike Pence told reporters just days ago that that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell assured the administration that the measure would be on the Senate floor this week.

According to Pence, this would be considered compromise legislation and a “good faith” effort toward ending the partial government shutdown.

Both Democratic congressional leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have already come out against the legislation, according to the Daily Caller, with Pelosi vowing to advance her own government funding legislation instead.


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