Tucker Carlson puts final nail in Mueller investigation’s coffin

Carlson and Mueller

Tucker Carlson had some words for special counsel Robert Mueller.  Carlson believes the former special prosecutor falls into the category of people “you sort of admire from afar” but the “more you learn it turns out that they are sleazy and dishonest.”

The Fox News host’s words came during a conversation with former DOJ spokesman Ian Prior about Mueller’s Wednesday morning statement.

Prior and Carlson discussed the similarities between James Comey in 2016 and Mueller. They focused on when Comey “went out and talked about someone that they weren’t going to charge with a crime, but then continued to say all kinds of information that was derogatory about Hillary Clinton,” Prior said.

“Fast forward to DOJ when I was there, and that was a big thing. Especially with the DAG’s office, Rod Rosenstein. We won’t go out there and talk about people that we don’t charge. That’s exactly what we did today. That’s exactly what we did with the report. With a 400-page report that talked about all of this evidence and all these theories on, you know, why the president possibly committed obstruction, but they didn’t charge him. So what have we learned from this whole process? Apparently nothing,” Prior continued.

Carlson responded by asking why Mueller made his statement when he has “nothing else to say.”

“The only thing he added was him going up there and making a statement, which he hadn’t done,” said Prior, who added later his belief that Mueller used “this opinion as an exit ramp” so they wouldn’t have to “conclusively say there is not enough evidence to prove that the president committed a crime.” 

Tucker told Prior he believed that Congress would probably not impeach the president, then questioned Mueller’s intentions regarding his statement.

“And so that was not good enough for Robert Mueller, and he had to push the country toward impeachment because he thinks it’s good for the country?” Carlson asked. “What’s the thinking here?”

“I guess that’s what it is,” said Prior. “It is really unclear. It was bizarre.”

“Seems like a patriotic character and served his country in Vietnam,” Carlson said of Mueller. “By all accounts a decent man, he believes it’s good for America on the eve of another presidential election for the president to be impeached?”

“You know, I guess the proof is in the pudding,” Prior responded.

“You know the saddest thing about this moment is all the people you sort of admire from afar and then the more you learn it turns out that they are sleazy and dishonest,” said Tucker. “And I hate to say Robert Mueller winds up in that category. And it pains me to say that.”

Credit: Daily Caller