Tucker Carlson Wipes The Smirk Off Michael Avenatti’s Face (Video)

Carlson and AVenatti

Tucker Carlson went toe to toe with Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti on Carlson’s Fox News Thursday night show. Avenatti, who is now a potential 2020 presidential candidate, exchanged verbal blows with the popular host in a political back and forth that was heated and controversial.

Carlson accused Avenatti of profiting off of the Daniel’s case and living large on the cable news circuit while his client continues to perform in “seedy strip clubs.”

“I’ve done a remarkable job for my client and she will be the first one to tell you that. And had you listened to her interviews or seen any of her comments, you would know exactly what she thinks of me. I am not just done. I am not exploiting my client. I am representing my client to the absolute — I am still talking,” Avenatti stated in defense of himself.

“So when she wants to get your legal advice does she have to pretend to be a booker from CNN to get through to you?” Carlson asked.

“Why don’t you show respect to my client and me, and stop calling us a porn star and a creepy porn lawyer. If you’ve got that big of a problem with porn – do you have that big of a problem with porn? When was the last time you saw porn?” Avenatti responded.

Carlson shot back, “Oh, you busted me. Actually, I’m into humiliation porn. That’s why I watch you on CNN.”

Carlson and Avenatti have been exchanging insults for months. The Fox News host has repeatedly referred to Daniel’s attorney as a “creepy porn lawyer.” The chyron, or caption, under the interview actually stated that description.

Both men traded jabs not only about each other, but President Trump as well. You can watch the exchange in the clip below. We look forward to seeing your comments about this interview in the section below this article. 

Credit: Daily Caller