Tucker Sounds The Alarm On Democrats’ Plan For Migrant Caravan

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson began the Thursday show talking about the migrant caravan that is moving from Central America, toward the southern border of the United States.

Carlson reminded his viewers of the last caravan that marched on our southern border, saying that tens of thousands of them are already here.

According to Carlson, Democrats are using this for political gain. He called out Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for not joining President Donald Trump’s call to halt the caravan, saying.

Pelosi has said time and again that it’s immoral to keep our borders firm, saying that “unchecked immigration will strengthen their hold on power.”

“A caravan of impoverished emigrants is making its way north from Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras,” Fox News reported.

“President Donald Trump warned this week that he will halt federal aid funding to the two nations if they do not act to stop the exodus.”

Carlson was quick to point out the danger of both the possibility of unchecked immigration and a party that doesn’t believe in having borders.

“An entire political party is inviting it,” Carlson said, pointing out when Pelosi told an audience it would be “immoral” to build a wall, it is because she believes “unchecked immigration” will help their political future.

“Carlson said that, to the left, people who support a wall and rule-of-law immigration policies are largely ‘bigots’ and ‘moral reprobates,” Fox Reported.

The Fox host also played a clip of former McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt comparing Trump’s border policy to the Trail of Tears.

“This is a moral outrage,” Schmidt said, invoking “slave auction blocks and separation of Native American families.”

The former McCain advisor was sitting next to Comedian Rosie O’Donnell, who declared that she loved Schmidt, and wanted to move next to him, thanks to his progressive comments.

Carlson told his audience to make sure they noticed how many media hosts said the left hopes to “bully the population into silence,” using CNN host Chris Cuomo as an example, when he said that strict immigration policies are “fear-based.”