US women’s soccer team eager to visit Chuck Schumer after trashing Trump

U.S. women’s soccer champ Megan Rapinoe has said that while she’s not interested in visiting the White House after her win, she’d accept an invitation from Democratic Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer to see the upper chamber of Congress.

While the team has not received a formal invitation from the White House yet, they are already looking to turn it down, and possibly visit Schumer, following his social media support of their team, calling for legislation that would allow female and male athletes to be “compensated fairly,” after which he invited the team to visit them.

Addressing the Senate floor on Monday, Schumer said: “And, while today we celebrate their victory, we also recognize that these women, these athletes, have challenges and they make us really think about the future of women’s sports.”

“They make us grapple with the deep unfairness in how female athletes are treated, and paid, compared to their male counterparts.”

He later tweeted his support for the star soccer team, saying: “What the USWNT team did was extraordinary, and they deserve to be compensated fairly.

“All women need to be compensated fairly. Period.

“And we ought to pay attention to this not just once every four years during the World Cup, but year-in and year-out.”

Rapinoe told reporters on Monday she would be “very happy” to accept the invitation to talk about equal pay legislation with Schumer and to celebrate their World Cup win, according to The DailyMail.

She told Fox News: “That’s great. I love that. Interested to see what McConnell does.

“Thank you, Chuck Schumer, for inviting us out. We are very happy to accept your invitation to come.”

Rapinoe previously announced her intention to never visit the White House during a magazine interview in June: “I’m not going to the f***ing White House.”

“No f***ing way will we be invited to the White House. [Trump] tries to avoid inviting a team that might decline.

“Or, like he did when the [Golden State] Warriors turned him down, he’ll claim they hadn’t been invited in the first place.”

Teammate Ali Krieger also announced she would not visit if invited and teammate Alex Morgan didn’t answer the question directly, saying that it would be a decision by the team but added: I think you guys know the answer to the question anyways,” according to the DailyMail.

The White House has not yet formally extended an invitation since the victory, but the president previously announced that they would be allowed to visit, “win or lose.”

On Sunday, Trump congratulated the team on their win and when asked whether he believed that soccer players should be paid the same regardless of gender the president replied: “I would like to see that, but you’ve also got to look at numbers… you have to look at who’s taking in what’ and ‘see how they’re performing.”

Schumer has since learned that the team is interested in an invitation from him and tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that he’s “looking forward to scheduling a time” to see the women at the capital.

“I heard Megan Rapinoe @mPinoe—one of the #USWNT’s co-captains and stars of the tournament—has accepted my invitation to come to the Senate to celebrate their World Cup victory.

“I’m looking forward to scheduling a time when these inspiring women can come to the nation’s capital.”