Home National News Watch: DHS Head John Kelly During Speech SLAMS Democrat Lawmakers

Watch: DHS Head John Kelly During Speech SLAMS Democrat Lawmakers

Watch: DHS Head John Kelly During Speech SLAMS Democrat Lawmakers

President Trump’s team is not short on leaders who “say it like it is.” The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, John Kelly, just defended the president’s immigration enforcement efforts. He reminded American lawmakers that if they did not like the laws on the books, they have the power to change them.

Illegal immigration has dropped by approximately 70% under the Trump administration. In spite the Administration’s success, Democratic members of Congress have criticized the Department of Homeland Security for enforcing the law. At an event hosted by the Atlantic Council think tank, the DHS Secretary said very bluntly that it is his responsibility to enforce the present immigration laws on the books. He noted, “I don’t make them.”

Kelly attributed the drop in illegal immigration to President Trump’s willingness to follow the law. He stated, “We’re not doing anything different than the [former President Barack] Obama administration did, except we are executing, enforcing laws across the spectrum in terms of immigration.” Kelly declared that his department is enforcing the present immigration laws “humanely” and with “dignity for those that we apprehend.”

“I’m very quick to point out to members of Congress — if you don’t like the law, immigration laws, then do your duty and change the law. I have no choice but to carry out the law,” said the retired Marine general. “I can’t carry out all the laws across the spectrum, so we do have priorities within the execution of those laws, but if you don’t like the laws change them,” he challenged. You can watch below:

Kelly also reminded his friends and foes that the Trump administration is not just arresting those who entered America illegally. They also have plans to give funds that will increase economic opportunities in Central America. This will give potential illegal migrants “a reason to stay home.” “They don’t want to come here. In their view, they have to come here. Their families are in Central America. Their communities are in Central America. That’s where they go to church. That’s where their friends are,” noted Kelly. “If we can improve the conditions — the lot in life of Hondurans, Guatemalans, Central Americans — we can do an awful lot to protect the southwest border,” Kelly added.

You don’t get to be a Marine General by placating your adversaries. John Kelly “said it like it is.” He is doing his job and enforcing the law.His no-nonsense words come just after the 16-minute mark. We would like to know what you think about Kelly’s approach.

Credit: Breitbart


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