While Planning His Own Funeral, Bush 41 Couldn’t Have Been More Humble

Former President George H.W. Bush long ago planned details of his funeral, making arrangements for Wednesday’s farewell.

Jim McGrath, who served as Bush’s post-White House spokesman for 25 years, disclosed via Twitter that the 41st President was somewhat-surprising fear in a tweet on Tuesday evening.

“Briefed in 2011 about his funeral and lying in state, the 41st President asked with typical humility, ‘Do you think anyone will come?'” McGrath wrote.

McGrath included a photo of the packed audience for Bush’s memorial, McGrath’s former boss.

“Tonight, people are waiting hours to pay their respects,” he added.

The former president had nothing to fear, however, since not only did the Bush’s family and friends attend, but congress attended en mass, as well as many current and former dignitaries and diplomats.

“As well as current President Trump and first lady Melania, all four living former occupants of the White House expected to pay their respects to Bush Snr. today,” The Daily Mail reported.

“The list of funeral service speakers marked the first time since Lyndon Johnson’s death in 1973 that a sitting president was not tapped to eulogize a late president. (Clinton did so for Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush eulogized Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.)

“The future British King Prince Charles and former Prime Minister John Major will attend, along with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, the King and Queen of Jordan and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney…”

According to the Daily Mail, members of the public who did not vote for the former president stood in line to pay their respects to him.

“I’m just here to pay my respects,” said Jane Hernandez, a retired physician in the heavily Democratic city and suburbs.

“I wasn’t the biggest fan of his presidency, but all in all he was a good, sincere guy doing a really hard job as best he could.”

Bush’s service dog, Sully, was brought to the viewing, as well, who has been with the former president since the death of former first lady Barbara Bush.