Women Of “The View” Mercilessly Mock CNN

ABC’s “The View” took a swipe at CNN, on their recent show with Joy Behar saying that it is “really, really boring.”

The hosts began the conversation by discussing whether or not President Trump had nodded off on camera, which led them to talk about whether they take naps.

Cohost Joy Behar joked, “Lately I have been able to, at like 4 o’clock, I can watch CNN or something really, really boring.” This solicited laughs and or agreement from the other hosts.

“A little CNN will put you right to sleep,” McCain chimed in with a laugh.

“I love Wolf [Blitzer], but he is hypnotic,” Behar said.
This opinion surprised many, because of the alliances that many in media have made against President Trump. The dissidence between President Trump and what he calls the “fake news media” has been far from quiet.

Both CNN and most of the regulars on The View have come out against the President and many of his policies. However, CNN’s fall from grace hasn’t just been with the President.

Nielsen Media Research reports their ratings for the second quarter of 2018, and it doesn’t look good for CNN.

Fox News, of course, finished first in daily totals and primetime viewers with an average 1,409,000 million in total viewers and 2,447,000 in primetime viewers and claimed 10 of the top 15 shows in total viewers, according to the Daily Caller.

MSNBC came in second place in total viewers behind Fox and third in primetime behind Fox and TNT. while CNN was at tenth place for primetime behind networks like ESPN, HGTV, Investigation Discovery, and History.

CNN did, however, come in seventh in total viewers, behind Nickelodeon and HGTV, among others.

CNN didn’t even hit half as many viewers as Fox in primetime numbers, with an average of just 929,000 viewers.

H/T: Daily Caller